Let us develop a milking routine poster specifically for you!

FORTE Dairy Consulting will develop a personalized and professionally written Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) poster for your milking routine. The poster includes easy-to-understand steps in both English and Spanish as well as visual aids to facilitate its comprehension. Providing employees with clear work expectations will result in consistent employee performance and reduction of errors that translates to a more profitable business.  Place your poster in an easy to access and visible location and use it as a teaching document, job performance checklist or to fulfil documentation requirements.

As a teaching document:

  • Training new employees

  • Re-training/coaching those who need to improve performance

  • Cross-training other team members in other areas of the dairy

To fulfil documentation requirement for  handling of dairy cows:

  • National Dairy FARM program

  • Cooperatives or private milk processors

  • Other welfare programs

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