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“If your actions inspire others to learn more, dream more, do more and become more then you are a leader!”

John Quincy Adams

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As employees move up into leadership positions in the dairy, they also need to continue growing their technical knowledge, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills to inspire their teams, and develop and maintain a culture of care. 

The Leadership Program for Milking Center, taught exclusively in Spanish, is a 2-day program that will help grow leaders and aspiring leaders by focusing on 3 main areas: people, cows and equipment. It involves hands-on activities, case studies, peer interaction, and an opportunity to put concepts into practice.

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Carolina Pinzón, M.S. is the owner at FORTE Dairy Consulting where she assists progressive dairy farmers in achieving order, clarity and functionality in their business and working teams. Her credibility comes from more than        18 years of experience providing technical support and training in the dairy industry while working with BouMatic and Grande Cheese Company, doing research at the Wisconsin Milk Quality Lab, and as herd manager for a 500-cow dairy farm in Wisconsin. Carolina holds a master’s degree in Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the National University of Colombia.

Elsie González, M.S. is the owner at Motiva Consulting, where she works with progressive dairy operations in  achieving their quality and production goals by developing consistent systems, optimizing processes, and training employees to develop successful teams. She has been serving the dairy industry in Wisconsin for the last 10 years in various roles as a University of Wisconsin Extension Agent, technical service provider with the USDA-NRCS, and instructor with the UW-Madison Farm & Industry Short Course. She is also actively involved in dairy organizations. She received both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Puerto Rico.

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Leadership Program: Testimonials

My managers overall level of work has gone up, showing more responsibility, and communicating more often with employees, making sure they fully understand the job, and buying more into our operation values. The program is great, we had a great team and it made our leadership team even better!

Loren Greenfield, Owner at Hilltop Dairy, 1100 milking cows dairy.

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