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what people say

Yogi Brown, 

Sunburst Dairy

I am very glad Carolina is on my dairy consultant team. Over the years, she has added to the dairy's bottom line by bringing her wisdom and skill to improve the people side of the dairy. My employees have a better understanding of what the dairy expects and needs on a daily basis. This has led to improved milk quality, newborn calf care, employee retention, and a more cohesive work environment. This has put money in my pocket and softened the stress wrinkles.

Jim Winn,

Cottonwood Dairy

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carolina the last several years. Carolina brings a wealth of knowledge to the team meetings we hold with both management and employees every six weeks. She has helped us with training programs for milking technicians and barn people related to milk quality, stockmanship and safety. She assisted us developing SOP’s and transformed them in an easy to follow binder which makes it simple for anyone to follow protocols and run the dairy day to day. One of her greatest assets is how she relates to me and our employees on a personal basis. She is extremely easy to talk to and our employees absolutely love her. She is a huge asset to our dairy.

Sandy Larson,

Larson Acres

I have used Carolina as a consultant for several years to educate my employees on different aspects of dairy.  She is able to meet my needs with visual and/or hands-on education on topics I find important for my team.  She is very easy to work with and is respected among my employees.